A massive thanks to all the men who helped make this avo – Sat 14th July, 2012 a roaring, screaming success. Boys and toys – 9 chainsaws, a heap of  blokes turned out (25+) and we sorted a massive job in a serious session. Local guys and church blokes did the damage and the Te Waiora supplied muffins etc for afternoon tea were excellent. (The living water/water that is alive – lived up to its name).

And, we made a huge difference for the Te Waiora folk and Patch. So many thanks.

The photo showing Martin’s tractor with the fire – well, not quite. Just the reflection from the awesome bonfire. Some of us stayed on to enjoy the BBQ. The dark photo just tries to show that some folk don’t know that sun down means tools down – the three log splitters did serious work, as did the manual machine – on the hand splitter (Campbell).

Thanks again to Andrew, Alistair, Brian, Bruce, Campbell, Cliff, Keith, Paul,  Graeme, Peter, David, Jim, Nelson, Martin, Sheay, David, Matt and Barnaby, Mike, Roger, Paul, Roger, John, Brock, Ivan, Wes, and I bet I’ve forgotten one or two. Ooops.

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