• Essentials

    We meet each week
    in Darfield at 10:30 am and
    Glenroy Hall 2nd and 4th Sundays
    at 9 am. Map - see below.
  • Weekly Devotion

    Paul to add.


Alpha is a 8 week course for those who want to explore the BIG questions of life and basics of Christianity. This is usually offered twice a year, one being hosted in Darfield, and another somewhere else in Malvern. Our plans are for our next Alpha in May 2018. Each course begins with an Alpha Dinner.

A typical Alpha evening includes:

A dessert; a video talk, discussion groups to ask your questions, share your ideas and hear from others.

Topics include: Who is Jesus? Why did Jesus die? Why and how should I read the Bible? Why and how do I pray? How does God heal us? How can I resist evil? Does God heal today? and more … We also have a day retreat for the Holy Spirit talks.

If you want to  join a course, Please send us an email . For more info about Alpha you can check out www.alpha.org.nz