We all live in community, and as followers of Jesus seek to answer the question, “what can a neighbour do for a neighbour?” How can we take the God light out to the edges of the Kingdom in very practical ways?

There are a range of activities and ministries where we express God’s love for one another and those in special need.

These ministries are usually born out of someone’s passion and awareness of a particular need or opportunity.  This is mostly informal but very real and essential to the ministry of the church. Regular community ministries include hospital visitation and a meal ministry to provide home-cooked food for families within or connected to the church when needed.

Our major instrument for community ministries is the Two Rivers Community Trust. Two Rivers Community Trust was formed in 2013 by members of Darfield Baptist Church out of a commitment to resource wider engagement in practical community needs.

The Trust’s mission is “Building resilient neighbourhoods and communities where people belong, contribute and flourish”, primarily in the Malvern Area.

We have currently have 5 ‘streams’ of focus:

  • Community Support;
  • Youth Work;
  • Food Resilience;
  • Social Housing;
  • Events.

Please visit the Trust’s website to find out more information